About me

Hi, I’m Jamie! I can’t wait to come alongside you in grounded wellness.

Having struggled with my own wellness, I can relate to those who are hesitant to try another healing modality. I truly have been there, discovering the cost of stored emotional trauma, dealing with body image and disordered eating, and discovering what it is to be a woman in her true feminine nature. Surfing the waves of grief, and looking for experiential ways to connect deeper with the Lord on a spiritual level. All of this led me to a physical and emotional health crisis in my own life. This opened the door of discovery about myself, my Creator, and what it means to be well. I was led to somatic movement, yoga therapy, and energy medicine with Jesus as my guide.

My Method

To meet each client and student where they are today and create space for something new tomorrow.

I have offerings that are crafted specifically with your needs in mind. If you are just starting out or want a deeply personal experience, explore Yoga Therapy and Energy Medicine sessions. Maybe you feel the desire to teach yoga and take your own practice deeper physically and spiritually, consider on of my yoga teacher trainings. Or if gathering with friends is more for you, book an on location private group class.

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A note of gratitude

To my teachers and guides on this path, my heart overflows with gratitude for all you have gifted to me along the way. These are the precious souls who have influenced my walk and my practice though not all of them may know. Most are teachers I have sat under be it in a training class, by reading their book, or watching them bloom, die on the vine, only to bloom again. Some are family and friends I walk quietly with personally, and some are students. First, my husband Michael and our two boys, who are almost men, for without them I would not have been inspired to become a better human. My parents for giving me breath on this earth. Yoga Teachers: HY: Brooke Boone, Jonnie Goodmanson, CYA/YF: Michelle Thielen, Amy Kuscsik, Jody Tomae, my current local teacher: Shanti Nolen, EEM Teachers: Dr. Sara Allen and Debra Hurt, Personal Inspiration: Shannon Smith, Nicole Graves, Annie Ewing, Christa Gifford, Elizabeth Bennet, Jaye Arsement, my intercessory team and energy worker group: you ladies know who you are and without you I would not have grown into who I am today. Lillie Duncan for trusting me and being my very first YTT student and one amazing photographer, without which my website would be full of stock images! All my clients and students past and present who trust me to enter their sacred healing space. And to my Divine Creator who gave me the breath of life and anointed me for this calling.


My Education

Yoga: Holy Yoga 200/500 hour Instructor C-HYI 200/500, Yoga Therapist R-CYATH, Yogalates, Touch/thai yoga, Yoga Faith: Trauma Sensitive Yoga R-TSYF, Medition and Yoga Nidra R-YFMN, Energy Work: Eden Energy Medicine Level 1 Practitioner, Reiki Master, Experiential Training and tools: Sound healing, Crystal healing, Emotion Code, Quantum Health