Getting Real With God.

First things first... I need to ask your forgiveness for how LONG this one is. My goal is 20min. or LESS! Part of the problem is I recorded this in it's entirety instead of segments. I don't have a good way to edit my audio right now soooooo, you guys get all the long pauses and a few things I might have otherwise cut :) Note to self: Next time record in segments! O.k. Glad we got that out of the way. I am also thankful I can't hear the peanut gallery of family and friends who know just how long I can talk... My boys have said, "Mom your using too many words, Mom you being a chatter box!" LOL! I know! I am new at this speaking with purpose and time constraints. :) So glad GRACE covers it all!

Will you take a moment to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with me?

139 feat. Alena Moore Live Pink Impact 2013

If you want to by pass my "hearing God" chat... Start the video around 6 minutes in. :)



This list is meant to be a starting point for those who may not know where to start or who are wanting to know more about subject or materials I may have mentioned. These are some of what I have personally found helpful on my journey. I am not paid by anyone to list these ministries, they have just truly changed my life. There are tons of awesome resources out there so if these aren't helpful for you, don't give up. I believe if we read God's word and sit still and ask God, "What do you want to say to me about...." He is faithful to answer and we will hear him. It really is that simple.

Hearing God:

Gateway Church Freedom Ministry

Gateway is my home church. I can't say enough about how some of these classes and pastors have changed my relationship with the Lord and in turn my life. This is a link to the free online audio/videos of the Freedom Ministry classes Gateway offers. Pastor Bob Hamp (who also has a very thought provoking blog and a book that really did make me "Think Differently") does the first 5 foundational classes and I say it is worth the time to watch/listen to all 5 in order. BUT one of the 5 is titled, "Hearing God"

Alan Smith

He has a great blog with an awesome series on hearing God. He also wrote a book, "Unveiled" so if your looking for more information on this topic he is a great resource!

Books I mentioned:

Sparkling Gems Devotion

and you can pick it up at most Christian book stores.