I Challenge You!


The Christmas holiday has come and gone! Time is flying by so fast. With my boys ages 5 and 3, this year was full of memories. The week before Christmas we got out the video and pictures from the Christmas the year before. I am pretty sure that year I decided I would take less pictures of gift opening time and be present for the presents! As I looked at the video and lack of pictures I was dissapointed! I couldn't remember what had been only one year ago. My children had grown so much in only a year. This season I would take more photos of EVERYTHING! I may have went over board if there is such a thing when it comes to documenting your family as they grow.  LOL!


This week I challenge you all to GET IN THE SHOT! Get your camera or your phone! Let you children take your picture, ask a friend to take one of you with your kids. So your hair isn't perfect, you haven't started your 2012 diet and exercise program, your child has a messy face. LIFE is MESSY! I love my perfect family photos hanging on my wall. What I love more is this picture Drew, my oldest took of me. No make-up, crazy hair, just us hanging out in the sun in our backyard as we often do. Yes I handed him MY camera. He was so excited and he captured a smile I never get to see. The one I give to him.

I challenge you this week to get IN FRONT of the camera! And when you do, Tag Rooted Images on FB and let us see those beautiful pics!