Reflections on Overcoming Extreme Picky Eating Week 2

This past week was a business travel week for Michael. I've discovered that getting in our therapy homework was not as easy as I thought. We were using our food discovery checklist as we tried mango. This was the food Alex decided on in his therapy session. The best part he was willing every time we asked him to sit with us and do it. The negative,  we only did it 2 of the 5 x's at home. If I'm honest, I know this is all new and we are making lots of changes and simply getting food served family style & implementing our new food guidelines has been quite a bit of work. Lots of reasons for this, I was recovering from a migraine, its challenging when there is only one parent at home for the week (hats off to all the single parents out there!) and the kids are emotional and tests boundaries when dad is gone. But this is our life.  I have spent lots of time in prayer over this, asking the Lord to show me where I need to step up my game and where I may need to release some of the things I am clinging to for control in every area of my life. We are settling into most of the changes now so I am hopeful that this week will be a bit more consistent on the homework front.

Interaction note for last week:
Alex walked me through trying the mango and I loved seeing his heart. I told him I was a bit unsure about trying the mango. He was so serious as he spoke, his little hand on my cheek, "Mommy, If you are really unsure about trying mango, you don't have to eat it." He may have giggled when I wasn't sure about kissing the wet fruit but he walked me through every step.

One night as he was falling asleep I walked by his room to hear him softly crying. He said he had a really sad thought. "What if I lost my mouth and could never taste good food again? Then I would have to learn to eat and speak thru my nose." We chatted about how we eat with all our senses. I validated his feelings that it would be sad if he couldn't use his mouth to taste yummy foods, and I reassured him that his mouth was safe and he could taste all the yummy foods he would like to. He seemed relieved and slept fine. Lots of deep thoughts and feelings coming out right now as he is processing all of this. He continues to often check in with us to see if he HAS to eat certain foods. We always have him tell us what the rule is. (He gets to decide- he doesn't have to eat anything he doesn't want to eat.)

One night this past week he decided to help me make some brownies for our dessert that evening. He loves baking, especially beating the eggs! I think he loves licking the spoon more!

We had lots of break through this week and are still encouraged by all these little steps that are bringing so much peace to our mealtimes as we see him growing and stretching himself to new foods.