Overcoming Extreme Picky Eating

I have been posting a few thoughts on social media and emailing our therapist each week with a few reflections about the weeks journey. The response on social media has moved my heart in so many ways. I know there are so many families out there struggling with similar issues at varying degrees. Over the past 3 years I have had a hard time finding resources that seemed to apply to our situation. Since Alex has no other developmental or neurological diagnosis at times I felt like maybe we were alone in this. I have since discovered this is not the case. When our therapist suggested I blog about our journey as a resource for other parents and as a place for me to document our journey, I was not sure. I love writing and I have a blog already, but I am never consistent in posting. The Lord reminded me how much I enjoy reading my past blogs about different topics even if there are huge gaps in my posting timeline. So I have decided to post about our journey overcoming extreme picky eating here. No promises as to the frequency but it is my hope post 2 times a month.