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Are you ready to begin your journey as a Christian Yoga Teacher?

This training is designed with the modern student in mind. There are two components to our program. A highly interactive Live Virtual Studio Classroom experience where we integrate the self-paced online studies.  Our 200-hour YTT and Therapy Mentorship programs are an amazing place to learn the foundations of yoga and yoga therapy while creating a safe space to explore and reconcile what it means to incorporate these practices with your faith. Currently, we are opening enrollment for our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs with plans to open our yoga therapy training and mentorship program in the future.

Training Programs


Founding Cornerstone CYAS

We are proud to be a founding cornerstone christian yoga school with Christian Yoga Association. All of our graduates will be able to register with CYA upon receiving their certification. To find out more about the benefits of being a R-CYA Trainer click the image above.

Authorized Trainer Yoga Teacher Central

 Yoga Teacher Central Authorized Trainers are dedicated to supporting extremely thorough knowledge standards so their teachers can be optimally prepared to support the challenging and diverse needs of student populations.